The payload has been retrieved from a field South of Glastonbury.  The whole flight has been recorded by the onboard video including the plane release.  Unfortunately it only reached 23km so no world record for us.

Will Mission Launch Go to plan or will it be a disaster? by Isobel and Macy

Forest View Primary school have been working extremely hard to make this mission launch a big success.

Pupils wrote job applications to become proud official members of their chosen team. The following jobs they had to choose from were the safety team, tracking team, journalist team and the inflation team.

We asked a member of the tracking team, “What have you been investigating in your team?” He replied “We tracked our egg on a desk top computer using two tracking devices. Spot tracker which gives us information every ten minutes and the radio tracker which gave information to the tracking team on how high the balloon was every second.  We also questioned a pupil on the inflation team, him the same question. He quoted “We have been investigating how much helium we need.  If the bottle of water is lifted by the balloon we can determine how much helium we will need.

The safety team wrapped the egg to protect it from impact and examined the balloon for any holes and potential of bursting. The inflation team, inflated the balloon using helium and wore special goggles to protect their eyes.

The team of journalist captured and recorded all of the action on sight, interviewing members of other teams and filming the launch.

The tracking team have been tracking the egg, following its direction on its journey.  For awhile the signal was lost because the balloon went above 20 000 ft, once it began its decent they could track it again.

We have also been investigating in class on the egg. We wrapped eggs in a variety of materials and made appropriate structures to try and protect the egg on its mission. We checked the weather and the launch date so everything went to plan.  Some classes investigated the best design for the plane and the best type of paper as it needed to be waterproof. Mr Lyons exclaimed “My favourite part of the mission has been the launch and seeing the children throwing eggs out of the ICT suite window.

Do you think our mission will end up successful or do you think disaster will strike. We will report to you with the latest news on our mission.






Mission launch underway

As the whole school watched in excitement, the inflation team inflated the huge balloon.  After the countdown the balloon was released and quickly took off carrying the egg, camera and trackers.  Loaded to the balloon was the paper airplane. Today Forest View Primary School are attempting to break a world record for releasing the highest ever paper airplane. The crowd went wild as they watched the balloon as it disappeared from sight.

The tracking team are following the progress of the balloon, as the onboard trackers send back signals.

An hour after release the balloon is over Abbots Leigh, close to Bristol.







When should we launch?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on set with Map and find Coleford as the launch location. Alternatively enter Latitude 51.7912 and Longitude -2.5998
  3. Enter 4.29 as the ascent rate, this is how fast the balloon will rise in metres per second
  4. Enter 33000 as the target burst altitude
  5. Click Run Prediction

When do you think we should launch?

Where do you think the balloon would land?


Pumas Investigation

Pumas investigated which paper would be best to use for our paper plane. We poured water over different types of paper and tested which ones did not tear when they were wet.

Grease proof paper was the best!

We are going to do some more investigations to investigate how we could protect the paper.DSC01003 DSC01007 DSC01008 DSC01010



Lions Investigation

Lions class carried out their investigation to find out which material would be the best to send Lily up to near space. First we wrapped the eggs in one layer of the materials: foil, bubble wrap, cotton wool, tissue, paper and fabric. Unfortunately all the eggs broke. We then tried three layers of each material and again all the eggs broke. Finally we tried five layers of each material and the egg in the cotton wool was the only egg to surviveIMG_7475 IMG_7479 IMG_7481 IMG_7490

Blogging Rules

Today in assembly we talked about how to stay safe when blogging and created some blogging rules.

Blogging Rules

  • Only use your initials and class e.g. HM Ocelots
  • Don’t include any personal information in your comment.
  • Write in full sentences.
  • Keep your comment about the Science Topic.
  • Be polite and respectful to other blog users and their ideas/opinions.

REMEMBER all comments need to be approved by the teachers before they will appear on the blog.

If your comment is disapproved then this will be because it has broken one of the rules above.

Have fun blogging.


Ocelots Investigations


In Ocelots class we have been investigating which design of paper plane glides through the air the most effectively. We made predictions then tested our planes.  We found out that the dart design was the best as it was most aerodynamic.

Today we also began calculating the best launch date for our mission.  We want the balloon to land within 100km of the launch site and avoid landing near or in water.  Use the following link to calculate suitable dates and times to launch the egg.

Comment with your suggestions.